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The company Herba laboratorij was founded in 2004, with a view to design and produce herbal nutritional supplements and cosmetics. The love of natural cosmetics and the healthy way of life was instilled in company owner Zdravka Lovrić by long tradition. She decided to invest her many years of experience in the production of dietary supplements and the design of face and body care products. By continuously improving its knowledge and production, developing good relationships with its customers and always listening to their needs, Herba laboratorij has created products of outstanding quality, and very quickly made a recognizable name for itself on the market.

"The modern way of life often does not leave us enough time to pay as much attention to health care and body care as we should. Polluted environment, improper nutrition and stress which we are increasingly exposed to, reflect primarily on the quality of our skin, and, in the end, on the overall state of our organism.

To help you preserve your health and beauty, here in Herba laboratorij we have created only top-quality products, combining the state-of-the-art technology of production and traditional recipes, whose heritage we carefully protect and improve day to day.”


My product Phyto cream for face skin care gained huge popularity among korean tourists after famous korean actress Kim Hae-Ae used it while filming korean reality show "Sisters than flowers" in 2013. in Croatia. Afterwards the demand for Phyto cream increased so much that I decided to open official shop in Zagreb. It is located in Jablanska ulica 16 in Zagreb. Almost every 25th korean tourist who visits Croatia comes to my official shop in Jablanska ulica 16.

Since the filming of the show "Sisters than flowers" my company´s product Phyto cream is known as "Kim Hae Ae cream" among korean customers.

Zdravka Lovrić, M.Sc. in food technology, director and owner

What experts say about us

Dinko Kaliterna, MD, dermatovenerologist, recommends Phyto cream

«Using creams and other cosmetic products in my work with patients is part of my daily practice. Based on years of experience, I can say that there is a vast supply of such products on the market, which does not necessarily mean that it is easy to find an excellent product which I could recommend to my clients without hesitation.

I often have the problem of finding a high-quality cream which is nourishing enough for dry and very dry skin. Of course, there are some products with all the necessary properties, but, generally, they are extremely expensive.

This is why I was very pleasantly surprised with the results of dermatological testing I conducted for Phyto cream by Herba laboratorij, as well as with the reactions of my clients, which have all been positive, without exception.

I usually recommend this cream to persons with dry to very dry skin and to my clients with neurodermatitis. It has also proven to be especially effective when used after aesthetic procedures, when the skin is in need of quick recovery and the product is expected to work fast. The cream is also suitable for daily care.

The great value of Phyto cream lies in the balanced combination of vitamins and other ingredients which nurture the skin and stimulate its recovery and renewal. One of the cream's main characteristics, which is also very important, is that it absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film. For all these reasons, I can confidently recommend it to my clients, and everyone else. «

Poliklinika Poliderma d.o.o.
Ulica grada Vukovara 284,
10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Dinko Kaliterna, MD