Phyto cream for dry and sensitive skin

Phyto cream for dry and sensitive skin

Phyto cream for dry and sensitive skin

  • oil of pot marigold - oil of St. John’s wort - carrot oil - collagen - vitamins A and E
  • for everyday care of dry and sensitive skin and manifestation of first wrinkles.

Oils of pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L.), St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) and carrot, as well as vitamins A and E stimulate the renewal of surface layer of the skin and decrease inflammation and redness.

By using the Phyto cream your skin will appear smooth and velvety soft.

Phyto cream gives the skin youthful apprearance and prevents formation of first wrinkles.


Skin dryness results from water loss and decreased sebum secretion from the stratum corneum (horny layer). Because of the water loss, the stratum corneum loses flexibility, becomes non-resistant and, finally, breaks and peels.

Dry skin can be identified according to the following indicators:

  • loss of fullness and tension – the skin is dehydrated and wrinkled,
  • skin flaking – due to decreased sebum secretion,  hydro-lipoid layer weakens, and the skin flakes intensively, especially in the T-zone
  • tight pores
  • manifestation of fine and deeper, more expressed, mimic wrinkles,
  • the skin is rough to touch, and often very irritated and red,
  • proneness to itch and eczema.

The first step in the treatment of dry skin is moisture restoring, followed by cell regeneration and providing the skin with highly valuable fats that make an integral part of Phyto cream in the form of herbal oils (oil of pot marigold, oil of St. John’s wort and carrot oil).  

Phyto cream has been designed to be used in the care of:

  • sensitive skin,
  • skin inclined to inflammations and allergies,
  • the manifestation of first wrinkles,
  • irritation and redness caused by overexposure to sun,
  • burns,
  • dry and broken skin,
  • skin epithelisation (recovery).

Phyto cream contains chosen herbal extracts and vitamins that help fast regeneration and revitalization (renewal and recovery) of the skin.

Phyto cream is recommended for everyday care of sensitive skin prone to inflammations and allergies. It is especially effective for skin prone to wrinkling and aging (atrophic skin). 

Phyto cream contains highly valuable herbal oils: oil of pot marigold, oil of St. John’s wort and carrot oil, as well as vitamins A and E. 

Oil of pot marigold

  • owing to the content of flavonoids, carotenoids, saponins and polysaccharides, it is proven to act anti-inflammatory, it helps the healing of damaged skin, softens and moistures the skin. 

Oil of St. John’s wort

  • has an anti-inflammatory and epithelising effect (stimulates healing) and is hence used for dealing with numerous skin problems, such as redness, irritation and itch (inflamed, irritated and dry skin)

Carrot oil

  • is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A. It is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry or mature skin. This is useful for skin dryness caused by overheated areas and a cold wind. In cosmetics, it is most commonly used for mature skin because it is believed to slow the aging process. It helps in healing of dry, cracked skin and skin hydration. Carrot oil prevents skin irritation and redness, restores skin tone and elasticity and reduces wrinkles. It lightens hyper pigmented spots (freckles) and prevents their appearance.

Vitamin E

  • it helps soothing the skin redness, protects from destructive action of free radicals, and it is well known for its rejuvenating effect.

Vitamin A

  • it is a natural UV-filter (protects from UV-rays), it helps maintenance of skin elasticity, smoothness and softness. 


  • Collagen fibers spread among some skin layers and maintain its strength and toughness. The formation of collagen is reduced with ageing and is causing flabbiness of the skin. Anti-wrinkle Phyto cream contains collagen which penetrates into deep wrinkle lines and smoothes them.

The facial skin is thinner and more permeable than the skin of the other body parts. The face is more exposed to damaging effect of the environment, such as UV radiation and pollution.  The changes on the facial skin are the most pronounced and it is hence given the most attention.  

The care of dry skin involves use of moisturizers and emollients and substantial decrease in the use of water and soap.

Some factors that contribute to skin drying and should thus be avoided are the following:  

  • stay in the dry, cold winter air and wind  
  • longer stay in the rooms with central heating
  • use of diuretics
  • frequent washing
  • ultraviolet radiation (sun-bathing and solariums)

By using the Phyto cream, it is possible to avoid unpleasant symptoms of dry skin and maintain the youthful appearance.